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This photo was taken by the Howes Brothers, local photographers extraordinaire, ca. 1882-1907. The farm, boy and dog are unidentified [as yet]. Modern reconnaissance suggests that this is a house located on State Highway 112 about 0.4 miles north of Porter Hill Road in Cummington. Please see related items in our photographs and archives database (Omeka) at
Modern photograph, item 20121128_143151r.jpg and
Historical photograph, item gn106.tif
Please contact us if you if you feel this identification is incorrect. This photograph was used in the 2006 Worthington Historical Society Calendar and was taken from the calendar, not the original negative. The WHS has many Howes Brothers photographs, but the Ashfield Historical Society is the central repository for their vast archive of local photographs.

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  1. Annie Lagoy says:

    Looks like the house in Cummington on 112 past Witters in Worthington, on same side of the road, across from a ’70’s log cabin

  2. E. Lewis says:

    Boy, I do not know. Take a look at our Omeka site, specifically

    • Annie Lagoy says:

      Still think it is. Notice the tree in front, same place but now biger. Also, to the left of the old picture, you can see that something was there, possible the slope to a barn, stones, etc. the newer photo doesnt shoe it, but a building used to stand there. The foundation is still there but the building was demolished10-20years ago, not sure of the time but saw it happening.

  3. whs says:

    Thanks so much for your input. As you can see, we have updated the page and the Worthington Historical Society collection record as well.

  4. Marion Sweeney says:

    The above photo may also be found in the Moody Book,, p 92, Plate X, # 11 and the gentleman is identified as Mr. Parish. Chapter XXI, West Worthington p. 90 further describes the location Re the provenance of the plates, I have reasons to believe the Moody photos may have been taken by Herb Thrasher, brother of Guy so well remembered by many of us. Herb was the photographer of many of the old post cards we have. I hope the above helps. Regards to all.

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