by Karin Cook

by Karin Cook

As worded in our mission statement, our purpose is “to inspire and promote community interest in and appreciation for the history of Worthington, Massachusetts. We identify, select, gather, preserve, maintain, catalog and make accessible to the public, historical documents and significant memorabilia from the town.”


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New blog post. The latest post at our blog, The Corners, is Worthington and the Civil War, an extensive exhibit on Worthington’s role in the war, life on the home front, and Russell H. Conwell’s story of Johnny Ring – the myth and the reality.





Archives renovation nearing completion. Our much-needed archives renovation, begun last year, is almost complete. Computer work stations and a new worktable, built by Leon Horning, have been installed. There are new task lamps, a desk chair, and a wireless printer. We have received generous support for this project from Mass SHRAB, Donald Watts, and the Worthington Historical Commission, which we have matched. However, we still need a few more things: another archival cabinet, a bookshelf, a supplies cabinet, and a copying machine. To complete the project we will need approximately $1000. We welcome contributions of any size to help us reach our goal. For how to help, or to renew or begin your membership, visit our Membership and Donations page.


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New DVD: An Interview with Rolande & Robert Schrade. In the interview, recorded in 2008 at the Academy in South Worthington, the Schrades discuss moving to Worthington, purchasing the Academy building, their musical dynasty, and their renowned summer concert series, Sevenars. The 68-minute DVD, produced by Edward & Helen Pelletier, also includes a tour of the Academy’s three floors. The DVD is available for $30 (proceeds divided equally between WHS, the Pelletiers, and the Schrades) by downloading an order form at our Publications & DVDs page or by contacting Pat Kennedy at kennedy.pat@worthingtonhistoricalsociety.org.



Logo designed by Natalie Stafford.

Logo designed by Natalie Stafford.


Hilltown journal lives again. Stone Walls, the now-legendary Hilltown “folk journal” that ran from 1975 to 1993, is reborn as Stone Walls II. This biannual journal (unaffiliated with WHS) is dedicated to the history, culture and special character of the Hilltowns, publishing essays, interviews, poems, fiction and visual arts. For further information consult the Stone Walls II website.





Recent blog posts. Recent additions to our blog, The Corners, include Night of the Living Dead at Center Cemetery, an article on Shays’ Rebellion by Richard Mansfield, and an exhibit of old bottles found by Ben Brown and his father in Worthington soil.  We look forward to your comments and contributions.