Annual Meeting: Guy Thrasher. Sunday, October 21, 6:30pm, in the WHS building, 6 Williamsburg Rd., at Worthington Corners across from the Corners Grocery. Guy Thrasher (1900-1985, son of Hattie Lyman and George Thrasher) was a fiercely independent entrepreneur who lived off trapping and other endeavors. He had a long family history in Worthington (a road bears his family name) and inspired a great deal of affection from fellow townspeople.

The WHS Annual Meeting will honor Guy Thrasher and his family history with an exhibit and conversation following the brief business agenda. All are welcome to attend and share their memories.

Also on display will be some interesting artifacts generously donated to WHS by Arlene and Charles Cudworth.

Guy Thrasher at his store.

4 thoughts on “Events

  1. Karen Rowe

    Wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the walk thru North Cemetery with some local legends. What a great experience and fantastic way to see/hear history in action. All the dead did a great job recollecting about their lives especially “Kat Rice”! Kudos to Maddy.
    Hope there are more walks in the future.

  2. Gary W. Donahue

    Great Web Site with lots to look at.

    Many years ago I found Acres of Diamonds Book.

    Thanks for all your Good Works.

    Best Wishes

    Gary W. Donahue


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