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Annual Meeting. Saturday, October 15, 4:00pm, at the WHS building, 6 Williamsburg Road (at the stoplight intersection of Rtes. 112 and 143, across from the post office and Corners Grocery). Free admission. Our annual meeting, which is open to all, will explore the history of potato farming in Worthington, with a guest speaker to be determined. Please come and share your stories and perspective.

The State Line company was the main buyer of potatoes from Albert Farm in Worthington.

The State Line company was the main buyer of potatoes from Albert Farm in Worthington.

There was a time in the history of Worthington, not so long ago, when the fall harvest meant an influx of migrant farm workers and their families. These workers would pick potatoes alongside town residents in the large fields that remain all throughout the hilltowns. For a couple of weeks each autumn the town would buzz with activity: tractors tilling the soil to facilitate the potato harvest, trucks carrying the potatoes off to the warehouse. And the workers, who came from parts south, lent their backs to the task at hand. While they worked in the fields, their children would attend our schools for a couple of weeks. Many townspeople did their best to give good care to their temporary neighbors.

These stories are a part of our history. We encourage anyone with a story to tell, or an interest in this topic, to attend. A dessert pot luck and coffee will be served following the meeting.

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  1. really enjoyed reading about Lyder Frederickson

  2. Nancy Brenner says:

    Thanks Jimmy (and Kate) for the article and photos of LF’s extensive work and life.

  3. Karen Rowe says:

    Wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the walk thru North Cemetery with some local legends. What a great experience and fantastic way to see/hear history in action. All the dead did a great job recollecting about their lives especially “Kat Rice”! Kudos to Maddy.
    Hope there are more walks in the future.

  4. Gary W. Donahue says:

    Great Web Site with lots to look at.

    Many years ago I found Acres of Diamonds Book.

    Thanks for all your Good Works.

    Best Wishes

    Gary W. Donahue

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