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The WHS has a growing amount of genealogical information about Worthington residents and their families.

Click here for a PDF of Vital Records of Worthington, Massachusetts to the Year 1850, New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, 1911 (courtesy GoogleBooks). We are in the process of compiling records since that date.

Cemetery lists will eventually be available on the Cemetery projects page.

If you would like us to look in our records for genealogical information about family or friends, please email Pat Kennedy or Diane Brenner.

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  1. christina smith says:

    I am looking for information about my relatives and to see about a property to see if it was still around and/or any information that could help me. I have a postcard photo of the huge house (mansion) and it says Buffington Place, Residence of H.E. Smith Worthington, Mass. It was sent to Holyoke, Mass in 1923. H.E. Smith is my great great uncle Herbert E. Smith. Can you please contact me. Thank you.

  2. Pat Kennedy says:

    Hi Christina,
    Sorry for the slow reply! We’ll look into it and get back to you.
    Pat Kennedy

  3. Pat Kennedy says:

    Hi Christina,
    I found Herbert and his wife, Christina, on the censuses for 1910 (Easthampton), 1920 (Holyoke), and 1930 (Holyoke). I’m not clear when they lived in Worthington, but his death certificate (June 25, 1939) lists Worthington as his place of death. The house you mention still exists at the intersection of Buffington Hill Road and Ridge Road in Worthington. If you email me your address I’ll send you some info on it.

    • christina smith says:

      hi sorry i didn’t realize you had responsed. we believe that this was his summer home…one brother owned one and a brother might have owned the other. we have more pictures. can you please email me? yes i would love the information as my father is researching more. we are confused with his wife being christina as we were under the understand his wife’s name was florence (both were teachers) and lived in brookyln ny. thanks.

      • Pat Kennedy says:

        I’ll do more snooping around.

        • christina smith says:

          can you tell me the address to Frank and Florence Smith residence in Worthington? they are buried in ceremony within town as well. we have solved the above mystery. we are still missing burial and death death to Frederick Edward Smith, franks brother, we believe sometime between 1955 and 1965. do you know of a way to get information from Northampton Mental Hospital? two of frank’s sisters were living there until their deaths – lillian and beatrice m. thanks.

          • Pat Kennedy says:

            Hi Christina,
            It looks look Frederick died in Medway, Mass, in 1958, but I can’t find any proof of this or a burial site. I once tried to get records for people at the Northampton State Hospital and had no luck. Those records are in the possession of the state.

            • Christina smith Fitzpatrick says:

              Hi. It has been a long time. I am currently in the area for the week for genealogy can you please contact me?

  4. JMW Queen says:

    Curious about which Worthingtons founded the town. My greatx3 grandfather was David Worthington (d ca 1812, Peru), m Affa Gilbert, lived in area. Any records concerning him would be most welcome. I am inWilliamstown, and would love to meet with someone who can fill in the blanks. Thanks!

  5. Pat Kennedy says:

    I believe one of the original investors was John Worthington, but we don’t know why the town was named after him–he doesn’t appear to have ever lived or visited here. The land was quickly resold to individuals who settled the town. Your guy seems to appear only in the Peru Vital Records to 1850 (available online).

  6. Connie Majka says:

    I am looking for any birth information on Alpheus Rude/Rood, born 1775 who married Hannah Taylor. His father was also named Alpheus Rude/Rood born in 1750 and married Sarah Lothrop. Thanks for any help.

  7. Kimberly Orzechowski says:

    Hello, My third and fourth grade class found the name Herbert Porter Jr. ’25 chiseled into the ledge in the woods behind the school. We would like to find out more information about this individual but are not sure where to look. We would appreciate any help you might provide. Thank You Kimberly Orzechowski

  8. William Burkhardt says:

    I am curious to know if there are any relatives of Jonathan Brewster who might be interested in a family tree done by my Grandfather in 1938 with research done in Worthington and Springfield.

    • Laurel Adams says:

      My 5th grandmother was Mary Brewster b. abt 1735. I’m trying to find out which Brewster line she comes from. Her granddaughter (Mary Brewster Clark, of Boston) married Joseph Adams (from ?). Their son Ben and later, grandson Wm Adams lived in Worthington MA. I would be interested in knowing more about the Brewster family on your grandfathers tree.

    • Pat Kennedy says:

      Hi William,
      I know of no Brewster relatives, but the Historical Society would be happy to have a Brewster genealogy.
      Pat Kennedy

    • Frances Holst says:

      William, I just found your August 18, 2016 posting on the Worthington Historical Society web site. I descend from Love Brewster, a brother of Jonathan Brewster, and both are sons of Elder William Brewster of Plymouth Colony. Love’s descendant Jasper Brewster married Theodosia Lyman. Theodosia’s mother, Dorothy Kinney (“of Worthington”) married Timothy Lyman in Worthington. I see different dates for Dorothy’s marriage in 1769, probably in May. I would be interested in your Grandfather’s family tree he made in 1938. Thank you for your time.

      • Kerry Meech says:


        I would be interested in any documents you may have pertaining to Jonathan Brewster as a selectman in 1778.

        Thank you,
        Kerry Meech

    • Kerry Meech says:


      I would be interested in any documents associated with Jonathan Brewster – assuming he was a selectman in 1778, along with Timothy Meech and John Skiff.

      Timothy Meech is my 5 great grandfather.

      Thank you.
      Kerry Meech

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