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  1. J Robert Crawford, Mfa SAR Compatriot says:

    Can you help me? I’m looking for anything regarding Pvt. Abner Mitchell (my Revolutionary Ancestor). To date, I’ve found that he was from Deerfield – enlisted in the Hampshire Co Militia – attached to the 2nd Mass Regiment from Jan 1 1777 to 1781+(?) at or near West Point. I would like to learn more about his unit’s activities if possible. He was in Capt. Judah Alden’s Company under Lt. Col. Ebenezer Sprout and Col. John Bailey.
    This is for my “Report” during our SAR Chapter Meetings.
    Thank You Repsectfully Yours, J Robert Crawford

  2. Pat Kennedy says:

    Hi Robert,
    We’ll see what we can find.

  3. J Robert Crawford, Mfa SAR Compatriot says:

    Hi Pat, I don’t remember if I told you I’m a member of the SAR. I’m researching (with little luck) Militia Unit Action/Involvement in various Revolutionary Engagements & Battles. I’m preparing a report for my Chapter of my Revolutionary Ancestor’s participation in the War. To date, what I know is Capt Abner Mitchell-9th Co-Hampshire Militia-5th Reg’t and his commission was given in 1780.
    It also states his involvement in the “coorespondance, inspection and safety committee”. I would like to know what this “committees” responsibilities were.
    Rob Crawford

  4. Is there a list of those who lived in Worthington in 1840? May have worked in manufacturing. Found a M.C. Burk in the 1840 census with Worthington as place of residence.

    Thank You,
    Susie Worster McQuaide

  5. shayne Pedercini-Gibeau says:

    Hello I am wondering about the History of the Blackburn Inn

    • Helen Pollard says:

      Hi Shayne, I am not sure if anyone responded to you, however the Blackburn Inn in Worthington is a new establishment. The Inn was built about 25 years ago, and was attached to an existing house. It has had several names in that time, the most recent being the Blackburn Inn. Is there anything else with which we can help?

  6. Vickie Reel says:

    Hi I looking for information on a Abiel Hatch b.1754/55 he’s list Worthington as his home in signing up for the Rev. war. I’m trying to find his parents. Thanks

  7. Chris Wadsworth says:

    After much searching, I recently found out the “Do Drop Inn” was originally in Worthington. Could you please confirm this and if so, where exactly in Worthington was it.
    Thank you.

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