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Worthington has six cemeteries: South Worthington, Ringville, Brewster, Benjamin, North Cemetery, and Center Cemetery. Members of the Worthington Historical Society have been working to map these cemeteries and, in concert with the Town of Worthington Cemetery Commission, to clean and repair damaged stones and buildings on cemetery properties. We will be posting cemetery lists as they are completed. To get involved with cemetery projects or restoration, or for cemetery questions, please contact WHS board member Pat Kennedy at kennedy.pat@worthingtonhistoricalsociety.org.

11 thoughts on “Cemetery projects

  1. JMW Queen

    My great great grandfather, David Worthington (d ca 1812, Peru) and his wife, Affa Gilbert, were residents of the Peru/Middlefield/Worthington area. I am interested in locating their headstones, if still extant. Would you have any record of where these might be?

    1. James Bianco

      You are in luck, I am documenting and will be photographing all three major cemeteries for Peru. As of right now I have documented everyone buried up until the 1930’s. Your ancestors David Worthington and his wife Affa Gilbert are buried in The North Peru Cemetery. I was there last week, way too much snow to really do any investigating but if their stones exist they will be online as soon as all this snow melts. The worst case scenario is that I can tell you where they are buried, the stone existed and was clearly legible in 1930.

  2. James Bianco

    David Worthington died April 20, 1818 aged 63 and Affa Gilbert Worthington died April 18, 1834 at the age of 77..

  3. William Packard

    Looking for the Packard family headstones from 1790 – 1900 -lived /died in Worthington. Not certain what cemetery. William Packard specifically born Oct 1791 died Nov 1870

  4. Pat Kennedy

    Dear Mr. Packard,
    The only Packard headstone I’ve found so far is for Mary S Packard, wife of BF Packard, died 28 Feb 1864, age 22. That’s in North Cemetery, and I’m afraid the list for that cemetery is incomplete. I’ll go by and see what I can find.
    Pat Kennedy

  5. John Gibson Parker lll

    My name is John Gibson Parker lll. I’m a forensic genealogist. I live in Key West, Florida. I was just researching the history of Affa Gilbert Worthington. If you’d like more information on her family history and pedigree email me at mrjgpjr@aol.com (12/07/15)

  6. Cathy Zabel

    Might their be any headstones for the GREEN family. Joseph Green born about 1750(?)
    I am looking for the parents of a CLARISSA GREEN, child of Joseph, baptized June 21, 1780 Church of Christ, Worthington.

  7. John E. Creelman

    I am interested in finding the resting place or any information about the residence or papers of Rev. Harlan Creelman who lived on Huntington Rd. in a home known as ‘Ashmore Lodge’. I am fairly certain Creelman and his wife Josephine Thorp Rice are buried in Worthington.

    Many thanks,

    1. James Downey

      Yes, several Creelmans, at least 4-5, buried in the Cold Street Cemetery (North Cemetery). Very impressive headstones and they married into the Rice Family, an illustrious Worthington family, i.e. Colonel Wiliam Rice, War of 1812 and James Clay Rice, Brigadier General during Civil War who died in the battle of Spotsylvannia Courthouse.

      Can send photos if you wish.

  8. Michelle Wherry

    I’m looking to see if Ezekiel Gomer Sr. Is buried in any of your cemeteries in Worthington.
    Thank-you in advance,
    Michelle Wherry


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